The Unexpected John Cena Meme Is The Rick Rolling Of 2015

There’s a new craze taking over the Internet: People are using John Cena’s music to interrupt videos. It’s basically rick rolling or trolling of the highest order. Mostly because John Cena’s theme song is incredibly obnoxious when it comes out of nowhere. So, the joke is basically this: Someone posts a video and it gets interrupted by the infamous MOP ad-lib and Cena’s Jake One-produced theme song.

It can be glorious at times:

But here’s the dirty little secret: The whole concept is sort of a ripoff of the WWE Network’s Slam City episodes where John Cena would pop up randomly and his theme music would also blare. It was really the funniest part of the series. Yes, I watched the series. Screw you.

It’s just a matter of time before John Cena interrupts the “why the f*ck you lying” guy’s video and the Internet caves in on itself. Because, you know, the Internet knows how to preserve a joke’s sanctity by not overexposing it to the point that you want to shoot yourself in the face. I can’t wait for the John Cena meme to take over Facebook in four to six months.