WWE Might Not Know What A ‘House Of Horrors’ Match Is Either

WWE’s recent two-night Superstar Shake-Up swapped a total of 26 wrestlers between Raw and Smackdown. Each show wound up with at least one new main event player (or at least potential main eventer), and the biggest Smackdown star (or biggest heel, anyway) to jump ship was Bray Wyatt.

Wyatt popped up on Raw via the video screen following Finn Bálor’s victory over Jinder Mahal to taunt the abs-laden Irishman. Wyatt said he wasn’t quite coming to Raw yet, however, and wouldn’t be coming empty-handed, as he’ll be having his WWE Championship rematch (a Smackdown title) against Randy Orton (a Smackdown star) at Payback (a Raw pay-per-view) in a “House of Horrors” match (a long row of question marks).

So what exactly is a House of Horrors match? That’s literally what it says on WWE.com’s official preview of the bout.

But what exactly is a House of Horrors Match?

The answer that WWE.com offers, by the way, is “find out at Payback.” But WWE may not just be playing coy. According to the latest issue of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, the match is expected to headline the PPV, but the company hasn’t decided what the match is just yet. What’s more, they issued a WWE Fan Council survey in the past week that polled fans on what they’d like to see in the match.

The question asked people to check what elements they’d like in the match, listing cage, darkness, fire, pitchforks, mirrors, projected images (that worked just great at WrestleMania), fog, a match done outside the arena, creepy scary venue, music, “Sheepie” and “nothing different.”

Creepy scary venue! Werewolf bar mitzvah match!

I notice there’s no option for “stock footage projected onto canvas.” Here’s hoping they just have a match in low light while they loop a “Halloween sounds” CD of a door creaking and chains rattling. Spooky, scary!