Hulk Hogan Checked In From The Set Of WWE’s Star-Studded ‘Celebrity Death Pool’

WWE Studios promises that its upcoming comedy Celebrity Death Pool will star “an increasing number of other celebrities,” because there must be a line a mile long to get in on this bad boy. In case you forgot, as I definitely forgot, Ken Jeong stars as a “struggling night club owner” who decides that he’s going to pay off his debt to a loan shark by murdering David Hasselhoff so he can win his – you guessed it – Celebrity Death Pool. So what kind of other Q-list stars have joined them for this zany ride? Hulk Hogan, obviously, and the number of celebrities must have increased so much, because Rick Fox is on the set, too, which means that there are only four people left on Earth who haven’t signed on.

Of course, if you’re like me and forgot that this movie is a thing, or you had just blocked it out like The Marine 13: Scrub Those Latrines, Maggot! and the Leprechaun reboot, the Hulkster’s Tweet from the set was classic B-movie dick-riding. OMG A HANGOVER 4?!?! Rad popular movie reference, Hulkster. If his finger’s not on his daughter’s ass, it’s definitely on the pulse of comedy.

And now, here’s my nominee for the saddest Tweet of 2014:

Please don’t feed the overly-bronzed animals, people.