Hulk Hogan’s Latest Career Move Is To Call Hurricane Irma Victims ‘Crybabies’

Having bankrupted Gawker and at least somewhat moved on from the sex tape and racism scandal that got him fired from WWE and scrubbed from their Hall of Fame, you’d think wrestling legend Hulk Hogan would be mindful of his public image and careful of the things he says and does on the Internet.

In an unrelated story, here’s Hulk Hogan on Twitter calling victims of Hurricane Irma who are currently without water or power “crybabies,” before sending “only love” and, we can only assume, a gross of relief prayers and vitamins.


Hogan currently lives in Tampa, where he’s able to tweet about the hurricane that has currently killed 81 people, including 8 elderly people in a nursing home that, get this, lost power. Hogan knows everything about “losing it all,” though, as Tampa is also the former site of Hogan’s Beach, Hulk’s “Hooters times 10” breastaurant, which closed its doors in 2015 after he called a guy who offered to help his daughter the n-word a bunch of times.

If Hulk would like to make a third tweet about how hurricane victims are babies, here’s a GIF he can share that illustrates the proper way to attach yourself to the largest back in the world and swim your way to safety in the event of flooding: