Guess Which Super Bowl Quarterback Hulk Hogan Is Backing

Pro Wrestling Editor
01.25.16 11 Comments

Super Bowl 50 is set, but one question remains: Which team does disgraced pro wrestling legend Hulk Hogan support? Between Peyton Manning and Cam Newton, we bet you can’t guess which choice would be most socially advantageous for The Hulkster!

As funny as this is when you look at it from a certain view, it actually makes kayfabe sense. While Hogan and Peyton Manning did shake hands once while wearing George Strait t-shirts and mom jeans, Hulk’s defining Denver Broncos moment came back in 2011 when he threatened Tim Tebow and ripped his jersey in half on SportsNation.

This was so newsworthy that Greg Gumbel called out Hogan for “play-acting in a fake sport” in the middle of an NFL game — seriously — and prompted Michelle Beadle to don the United States flag and accuse Gumbel of not loving America. I guess she was … uh, on the wrong side of that one.

Now ask yourself, what does Hulk Hogan love most? Hulk Hogan. Knowing that, here’s Cam Newton — he with the “soul of a stark raving Hulkamaniac” — doing the signature Hulk Hogan ear cuff after Carolina’s 38-0 trouncing of the Atlanta Falcons back in December.

So, it all makes sense, right? Much love to the Panthers. – HH

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