Hulk Hogan Says He ‘Can’t Wrestle Again,’ And Here’s Why


We’re guessing you read the headline and thought, “because he’s old?” and you’re right, but there’s more to it than that. Plus, he’s Hulk Hogan, so you never really know. Given their brief interaction at Raw Reunion, a Saudi prince could’ve easily requested Hogan vs. Flair.

On his recent episode of The Steve Austin Show, Hogan explained that he can’t wrestle again, even if he wanted to keep going, because of multiple laser spine surgeries and severe arthritis.

From the interview:

“I went in for one back surgery and it turned into having nine back surgeries. I actually wrestled The Rock with a knee replacement, a hip replacement and then when I had the other knee and hip done, I kept going, but as soon as they cut on my back it was game over. I was hoping that if they cut on my back one time, I’d have the fusion like Shawn Michaels and I could keep going, but the doctors that wanted me to have the fusion said, ‘Try everything else first!’

“I went to a place called Laser Spine. They cut me six times and they basically took me out of the game. They cut so much bone away. Things went awry after the first six surgeries and then the last three surgeries, well after they told my new wife Jennifer I’d never walk again after the six surgeries, it took me three more twelve hour surgeries to get up on my feet rolling again.

“I was down about a year and a half, but all that being said, I’m pretty darn cool. I can’t wrestle again, but I’m really cool other than this darn arthritis kicking in and I’m gonna be 66 years old in week. I still work out with weights, use light weight, but my parents before they passed away, when they were my age their hands were crippled up like a sideshow freak. Their hands were crippled and swollen and everything like that so with the vitamins and taking care of myself with organic food, I’m not there, but the main thing is the arthritis, I had no idea what that word really meant til you feel what it means and boy, the arthritis is definitely something that changes the game, but I’m doing good man.”

(h/t to WrestleZone for the transcription)