Update: Hulk Hogan’s Restaurant Commercial Doesn’t Have Any Black People In It

Yesterday we showed you Hulk Hogan Beach’s dress code and how some people are calling it racist or at least the most WWE-booked dress code of all time. To his credit, Hogan called the restaurant and had them take down the dress code. He also made sure to let everyone know that he doesn’t own the restaurant. He just gave them his name so they could attract people who like spray tans and movies about musclebound nannies.

So even if we excuse Hogan from the insanity, we have to acknowledge just how douchey Hulk Hogan’s Beach looks. Take, for instance, this commercial.

Notice who’s not there? Black people. In a crowded bar commercial. You have to try pretty hard to make that happen. Above all of that, one thing stuck out: “Hulk Hogan beach at Best Western Harbor Bay Hotel.

Best Western?

I swear to God if I walk into a f*cking Best Western and someone tells me I’m not adhering to dress code I’m laughing in their faces. Now pardon me. I have a black tie affair at the Howard Johnson I need to tend to.