Hulk Hogan Went On Ric Flair’s Podcast And Somehow Didn’t Say Anything Crazy

Hulk Hogan took his “So Sorry For Saying Nizzle But Also The Worse Version Of That After Porking My Friend’s Wife Tour 2K15” to WOOOOO! Nation with Ric Flair, and for once he didn’t actually make things worse for himself.

The two old friends and on-screen rivals talked about their time together in TNA, praising people like recent-NXT newcomer James Storm, and “Sorry about your damn luck in not going to NXT” Bobby Roode. Hogan also said he’d never have a bad thing to say about Vince McMahon for the way WWE handled parting ways with him, which… I mean, he wants his job back someday, why would he?

Hogan also all but confirmed his removal from the WWE Hall of Fame. Though it hasn’t been officially stated, he was removed from the Hall of Fame listing on the website, which is pretty much all you have to do for a Hall of Fame that doesn’t actually exist in real life. Hogan went on to say that, aside from some championship belts and a portrait of W.E.B. Dubois (joking!), his Hall of Fame ring is his most treasured possession from his storied career:

That’s my whole career to me, that Hall of Fame ring, so that’s all I’ve got left, brother, so I’m hanging onto it. That Hall of Fame ring is my life and it’s just so sad that I’ve been taken out of the Hall of Fame, and I don’t have a presence anymore in the wrestling business. But I’m going to cherish that Hall of Fame ring.

I mean, it’s not like the WWE Hall of Fame is a physical thing where someone would notice a Hulk Hogan exhibit being taken down. Angry mobs of betrayed wrestling fans tearing down the halls, toppling giant Hogan statues like Lenin monuments during the collapse of the Soviet Union. “Mr. McMahon, tear down these 24-inch pythons!”

Were that real, at least they’d have a vacant spot for all of those confederate flags once ol’ Michael “P.S. it was a different time, okay” Hayes gets in.