Hulk Hogan Doesn’t Want You To Dress Like Hulk Hogan When Going To Hulk Hogan’s Restaurant

So this is a tough one. What you see above is the dress code to Hulk Hogan’s bar called Hogan’s Beach (I wonder if they sell pasta, by the by). Here are some of the examples of things not to wear that are raising red flags:

– No excessively baggy attire
– No low hanging pants or shorts
– No hats facing sideways or back facing
– No oversized or excessive jewelry

Also, no bandanas. Like this:

Or camouflage. Like this:

If you recall, midwestern spot Bar Louie faced charges of “overt racism” for having a similar dress code. I generally don’t get worked up over these dress codes because they seem to be more in line with what sort of racist people think Black people wear as opposed to what Black people actually wear at the present time. Because reading over this list, I picture 2003 John Cena, No Limit Soldier Rey Mysterio and things Macklemore bought at a thrift shop. This is also probably a list of things Vogue will call chic in 10 years after giving Eminem credit for starting these fashion trends.

As usual, TMZ was using its journalistic grit to get to the bottom of this:

We spoke with an employee at the restaurant, who said you can wear just about anything for lunch or dinner, but the dress code is strictly enforced during concert events. When we asked him about wearing oversized jewelry, he said, “I don’t want to sound stereotypical …” and then he trailed off.

Hint: if you say “I don’t mean to sound” like a thing then chances are you are going to sound exactly like that thing you don’t want to sound like. So yeah, this sort of lends itself to being more offensive now. TMZ also said they spoke to Hogan, who didn’t know about the dress code and is looking into it.

Here’s hoping he finds some new clothes so that he can get into the restaurant to work things out.

Here’s a video of people at Hogan’s Beach. Drinking game: take a shot for everyone who doesn’t look like a douchebag. Then go about your day as sober as CM Punk at church.