If You’ve Ever Wanted To See WWE’s Cesaro In A Sword Fight, Watch This

Pro Wrestling Editor
08.06.14 14 Comments

Hypothetical conversation you and I should be having right now:

“Would you want to see Cesaro in a sword fight?”
“Okay, here’s this.”

WWE’s Cesaro steps out of the squared circle to challenge Aubrey in an all out sword fight dual! Seth Rollins watches on. Will Cesaro’s strength be too much for Aubrey? First to 10 strikes to the head or torso wins. Relatively simultaneous strikes are ruled a ‘wash’.

The new King Of Swing(ing A Sword)!

The Aubrey in question is “Warrior Poet” Aubrey Marcus, CEO of Onnit. The best part of the clip is definitely Seth Rollins hanging back and snickering the entire time while he records it on his phone. I kept waiting for Dean Ambrose to barge in and start beating him to death with a wooden sword.

The rematch had better end with Aubrey getting swung around by the ankles.

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