Impact Wrestling Asked Fans To Serve On Their Ring Crew In Ottawa

11.06.17 8 months ago 4 Comments

Impact Wrestling

Another day, another “What on Earth is going on at Impact Wrestling?” story. They just held their Bound for Glory PPV, featuring the debuts of former WWE writer Jimmy Jacobs, indie star Sami Callahan, and the official Impact Pizza. But other recent stories include the departure of Rockstar Spud, the likely departure of James Storm, and a breakup with Jeff Jarrett. Sure, there are occasional bright spots like the launching of a streaming network and basically anything Rosemary does, but most news out of Impact seems to hint at a company fraying at the seams.

But it’s still a little jarring to hear that the company put out a call for fans to volunteer to help their ring crew set up for this weekend’s shows. Sure enough, you can still see the FB post from local company Great North Wrestling, helping to recruit fans in the Ottawa area.

What’s being presented as a fun chance for fans to take part is pretty obviously a cost-saving measure. Especially when paired with a report from Mike Johnson on Reddit that all of Impact’s regular referees left the company rather than taking a severe pay cut. Johnson also adds that the company appears to be operating with a skeleton crew backstage in Ottawa, which explains why they need fans to help set up their ring for free. Combined with the ongoing trend of replacing their veteran performers with presumably less expensive indie talent, this begins to paint an especially dire picture of the financial state of Impact Wrestling, a company that frequently seems to live on the precipice of disaster.

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