The Aces And Ehs Of Impact Wrestling 3/22/18 And 3/29/18: All About Josh

Impact Wrestling

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Previously: A free-per-view and a feast (or firing).

ACE: EC-Fired And Loving It

I don’t want to save the best for last, so I’m making it first. That would be the end of the “Property of Impact Wrestling” (peep the shirt, which he appropriately destroys when the time is right) version of EC3. You’ve probably already seen him make his official NXT debut, so no need to do Home Alone face in reaction to this one.

After weeks of making figurative jerk off motions during his segments and matches, the last week of Deadpool EC3 in Impact is oddly affecting. Yeah, he’s still joking around — but this time with the promotion’s all hands on deck approach. Here, it feels like it’s all in good fun, as opposed to openly insulting the promotion. Sure, that may not have been his intent, but that’s how it came across. Then, the official reveal of his fate in the Feast or Fired ceremony is a beautiful goodbye. (Maybe not the part where Impact tries to win the break-up with Jeremy Borash by having commentary refuse to acknowledge his existence — but the rest of it.)

The whole Feast or Fired ceremony is a non-stop ACE, even without the EC3 of it all. Like Eli’s “What am I supposed to this?” when he realizes he has the Tag Team Championship briefcase and ends up chucking it out of the ring. Wait, there is one EH: The World Championship briefcase literally says “Global Championship Title.” That’s … That’s not even a thing, you guys.

So when we get to the final two briefcases — Moose and EC3 — even though we know what the result will be, that doesn’t make EC3’s performance any less. And honestly, it’s the performance of his career, from the moment he gives his “final words”: “See you never, Moose! You’re fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiirrrrrrrrreeeed!!!!!!” Then there’s the way EC3 freezes once Moose opens his case — despite the fact they’re supposed to be doing it at the same time — to a point that can only be described as, “That’s not Sting, that’s a picture of Sting!”

God, EC3 goes through it all here. He throws Ishimori (of all people) under the bus; he thinks JB’s getting back at him; he says the King of the Mountain match (of all matches) is better than Feast or Fired; he brings up his winning record against TNA Hall of Famers; hell, he even brings up winning the World Title Series, “whatever that was”; he of course pulls the “I’m a Carter.” card. He throws a major tantrum … and then he has a moment of clarity. A moment of honesty, where he talks about how being fired from a job can light an even bigger spark.