Impact Wrestling Now Has Its Own Signature Pizza And Mystery Beverage

10.17.17 2 years ago 2 Comments

Getty/Impact Wrestling

You just never know what the news is going to be from Impact Wrestling. It could be another name change, or the launch of a streaming network, the departure of one authority figure or the return of another. Sometimes the news is reflective of chaos within the company, and other times it’s just kind of weird. Which brings us to today, and the announcement of Impact Pizza.

This Friday, October 20, Impact Wrestling and Crust and Crate Fast Fired Pizza Pub will hold a joint press conference at the latter’s location in Ottawa, Ontario, to announce the details of a partnership to play out over the next month. Bobby Lashley will be in attendance, as well as Impact World Champion Eli Drake, but the real star will be the Impact Pizza.

We don’t yet know what topping will be on the Impact Pizza. Hopefully there will be plenty of rosemary, for maximum flavor. Some spuds are a possibility, since potatoes are secretly the rock star of pizza toppings. Some actual moose would be on theme, but that seems unlikely even in Canada. Of course it a might be a complete surprise what toppings show up in the Impact Zone. Maybe some Georgia Gold Chicken, newly released from a contract with the competitors.

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