A Backstage Meeting At Impact Reportedly Addressed Sale Rumors And The Company’s Future

01.08.19 5 months ago

Impact Wrestling

There’s been a lot of talk lately about what’s up with Impact Wrestling, the company formerly known as TNA, who despite having a good year in terms of the quality of their wrestling product, continue to struggle to get that product in front of people’s actual eyes. First they announce their move from an undesirable time slot on the Pop Network to an even worse time slot on the Pursuit Channel, a cable station that even fewer people get. Then there were rumors that parent company Anthem Entertainment was looking to sell off Impact, including a reported offer to All-Elite Wrestling, which the new company supposedly turned down.

Following this weekend’s Impact Homecoming PPV, there was a backstage meeting before TV tapings in Nashville, according to PWInsider, at which Anthem President Ed Nordholm addressed these recent concerns and encouraged the roster to take a positive attitude about Impact’s future.

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