Impact Wrestling Claims WWE Is ‘Not Interested’ In The Broken Hardys Trademark

Contributing Writer
05.22.17 4 Comments

Ever since Matt and Jeff Hardy officially parted ways with Impact Wrestling, the status of their “Broken Universe” gimmick has been the subject of intense and often spiteful debate. Matt intended to use the “Broken” character wherever he wound up, but then Impact slapped Ring of Honor with the threat of legal action, and things sort of went downhill from there.

The rumors and reports have indicated that WWE is planning on using the Broken Universe characters when the current Hardy Boyz nostalgia run comes to an end, and everything we’ve seen on television sort of seems like it has that long-term logic in mind. There were also reports that WWE and Impact were working toward a settlement regarding transferring Impact’s claims to the Broken Universe trademarks over to WWE and resolving any legal issues, but continued animosity between the Hardys and Impact on Twitter would seem to indicate that isn’t the case.

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