TNA Impact Wrestling Actually Has To Blur Out A Referee In This Week’s Episode

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02.16.17 21 Comments

In case you were wondering, everything is still going great for Impact Wrestling under the new regime. We recently told you about the Broken Hardys’ Expedition of Gold, which features teleportation, and to a lesser extent, an attempt to win tag team titles all over the world. Well, Impact probably didn’t realize this expedition might land them in some weird legal hot water.

Thursday night’s episode of Impact will feature the first match in the Expedition of Gold, which was taped at CRASH Wrestling in Mexico. The Hardys faced Super Crazy and Psicosis for the promotion’s tag team titles, and that actually sounds awesome. But that match is going to air on television with the referee blurred out, or otherwise obscured. Which shouldn’t be distracting AT ALL.

On last night’s Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer explained that the referee in that match (who we’ll assume is head official Marty Elias) is currently under contract to Lucha Underground. So naturally, AAA and Lucha Underground threatened legal action.

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