The Great War Between Decay And The Hardys May Have Been TNA’s Bonkers Magnum Opus

10.03.16 2 years ago 7 Comments

Impact Wrestling’s Bound For Glory event still went down on Sunday, despite rumours of the company’s uncertain future. In a show with a Cody Rhodes debut, and further abortive attempts to make Bobby Lashley A Thing™, the most important event of the evening was the in-ring showdown between the Hardy brothers and the Decay for the tag team titles.

If you’re somehow only now going off the rails on this crazy train, we encourage you to go back to where it all began with our recap of The Final Deletion. Next in the series came DELETE or DECAY, and the ensuing aftermath/robot friendship backstory. Now, Broken Matt Hardy looks to finish what the Decay started by going to war. This obviously contains spoilers for Impact Wrestling’s Bound For Glory pay-per-view, so if you’re looking to avoid ’em, you should probably click away from the clearly makred recap. We suggest revisiting the Broken EC3 parody instead, because of course we do.

Matt Hardy gave his own recap to kick off the show; a recap so simple even a child could understand it. No, really, it was for an actual child:

Much like the first installment in this epic trilogy, The Great War isn’t so much a wrestling match as it is the theatricality of pro wrestling playing out in and around a wrestling ring. If you try to take it simply as “a match” then realistically it’s terrible, senseless garbage that ultimately means nothing. Instead, let’s look at it as we’re intended to: the grand finale of a of an unconventional and ambitious mode of storytelling that also happens to be a feud for a pair of tag titles:

Were they successful in transitioning from the Hardy Compound to a live PPV setting? If the Decay wins, does Crazzy Steve get to add the Z from the Hardy Boyz name to his ever-growing collection? And does the addition of a commentary team hamper the self-directed narrative of the “match”? (First spoiler: good god, yes it does)

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