‘The Final Deletion’ Gave Impact Wrestling An Enormous Ratings Boost

From Chris Jericho to literally everyone else, the wrestling internet lost its collective sh*t earlier this week over Matt Hardy and ‘The Final Deletion’ of his brother Jeff. The insane Impact Wrestling main event featured hologram drones, a baby’s birthday party, loads of fireworks, and even more attempted murder, and that’s not even scratching the surface of everything that happened. The discussion of it was inescapable that Tuesday, and Impact managed to translate that buzz into ratings.

According to Showbuzz Daily, Impact Wrestling had its best showing since moving to Pop TV with 410,000 viewers, and its best rating in over a year. This is a huge jump from the previous episode that only did 322,000.

The question now is whether or not Impact can keep that going. While people may have loved the Hardys shenanigans, it’s also a huge jump to assume people will want to tune in this week to watch Bobby Lashley talk a bunch and then wrestle Eddie Edwards (sorry, Eddie). Though there are always standout moments to each episode, we won’t know until next week whether the show has earned back any good will, or if people are just going to watch Matt Hardy gush over a xylophone over and over again.

Oh hell, let’s watch that right now:

(Via The Wrestling Observer)