Impact Wrestling Has Released Scarlett Bordeaux

Impact Wrestling

As we’ve discussed at length, on this website and across the internet, it’s a strange time to be a pro wrestler with a contract. With All Elite Wrestling and other companies offering the possibility of new opportunities, contracts that seemed good as recently as last year are suddenly stacking up differently. That and other factors have led a number of performers to attempt to get released from their contracts with both WWE and Impact, to varying degrees of success. Scarlett Bordeaux, who reportedly requested her release about a month ago, has finally gotten out of her Impact Wrestling contract, as the company revealed on Twitter:

Obviously we don’t know any details about Scarlett’s now-defunct contract, but her boyfriend Killer Kross recently said that she’s been living with her mother and working a side job because Impact hasn’t been paying her enough to live on. Kross has also been trying to get out of his Impact contract, although he says his issues are unrelated to Scarlett’s.

When I was recapping Impact, I was consistently annoyed that they kept Scarlett Bordeaux separate from the Knockouts Division, rather than booking her as a part of it. She didn’t wrestle for months, and then when she did it was mostly against men like Disco Inferno instead of other women. Hopefully wherever she lands next allows her to be a woman wrestler, instead of just a succubus who appears in a puff of smoke. While we’re at it, hopefully they pay her better too.