Rockstar Spud Shares Some Encouraging Advice For Aspiring Pro Wrestlers, As Well As The Rest Of Us

Rockstar Spud may be one of the smallest wrestlers on the Impact Wrestling roster, but he’s definitely one of the biggest jerks. I mean, just look at what he did to newcomer Braxton Sutter on the most recent episode:

Nice guys don’t hit other guys in their Pepper Parks, y’know? Luckily, Spud only plays a baddie on TV. When he’s not being a jerk every Tuesday night, the former X-Division champ is doing his best to share some positivity. He’s currently an ambassador for the UK’s Starlight Foundation, where he gets to delight incredibly adorable British children suffering from serious and terminal illnesses. Spud took a break from trying to “turn miles into smiles” for these kids to sit down for his first shoot interview, where he offered some encouraging words for those who feel like their struggling in the pro wrestling industry.

Spud’s hopes these words of support will also help those who are struggling to follow their own paths, and remember that even when we feel like a failure, doing what you love is always worth it. Ha! What a total heel, am I right?

You can check out the full interview with Rob Naylor and Rockstar Spud here.