A Couple Of Lucha Underground Stars Will Appear At Impact Wrestling’s Slammiversary

When Impact Wrestling and AAA entered into a working partnership a short time ago, there was some suggestion that Lucha Underground characters might be making their way to the six-sided ring. Now we know that’s not exactly the case, but a couple of AAA stars, who also just happen to work for Lucha Underground, will be appearing at the most slamming anniversary allowable.

Impact announced on Monday that El Hijo Del Fantasma (who wrestles for Lucha Underground as King Cuerno) and Drago (Drago) will be competing in a four-way match for the world tag titles at the Slammiversary pay-per-view on July 2. LAX are the current Impact Tag Team Champions, and two other “international” teams will be involved.

So this is the first time we see AAA and Impact collide since the partnership. And as promised, we’re not seeing “Lucha Underground characters,” we’re just seeing a couple of wrestlers who happen to wrestle for Lucha Underground all the time. Unless, I guess, Drago turns into a huge dragon in the middle of the ring. And that would probably raise a whole lot of liability concerns, rather than getting people talking about a Lucha Underground crossover.

Still, a giant dragon would be cool.