The Broken Hardys Can Teleport Now

Impact Wrestling may be under new management, and their new logo may look like a Rush album cover, and Jeff Jarrett may be back in full creative control, but so far the weekly television show has been pretty much the same as it ever was. But what wrestling fans can continue to take solace in is that Matt Hardy is still allowed to do whatever the hell he damn well pleases for at least one segment every single week — even if he and Jeff haven’t signed new contracts with the company yet.

On this week’s episode of Impact Wrestling, the Broken Hardys introduced their “Expedition of Gold.” Basically, the gist is that Matt and Jeff have tasked themselves with traveling the world, accumulating as many tag team championships as they possibly can until the Seven Deities finally agree that they are the greatest tag team of all time. (I think right now the Revival is still way ahead of them.)

To aid them in their quest, Matt unveiled the new and improved Vanguard-1 drone, which has now been equipped with a teleportation device and can send them all over the world in the blink of an eye to assist in the Expedition. You can watch pretty much the whole segment below. It’s great, because everything involving the Broken Hardys continues to be at least mostly-great.

Yep, tele-damn-portation. You can really see how shocked the Impact Zone was to have experienced the real-life teleportation of two human beings.

Best of luck to Matt and Brother Nero as they search Tijuana for some tag titles to win. And make sure you’re wearing pants all the time from now on, because the Broken Hardys have the power of teleportation and they’re not afraid to use it.