Important News: What Ben Wallace Thinks Will Happen At Wrestlemania 28

The best part of Detroit Pistons center Ben Wallace talking to The Score about WWE Wrestlemania XXVIII is the realization that Ben Wallace watches wrestling like my parents: he remembers how much he loved wrestling in the 80s, thinks Stone Cold Steve Austin was cool and guesses the finish for the John Cena versus The Rock main-event will be “nobody” winning and them “fighting to the back somewhere”. All he needs to do now is get legitimately upset when somebody cheats and he’s my Mom.

As the worldwide leader in cramming wrestling coverage down the throats of a mainstream sports comedy blog audience, I guess my next career goals should be to 1) take Arda Ocal’s job, and 2) find every mainstream sports star who likes pro graps and badger them to fantasy book it. I want to know what Travis Hafner would do with the Funkasaurus. You know, besides grounding out to him.

My personal prediction, for the record: Cena rips out The Rock’s heart and shows it to him.