In Case You Didn’t Have Enough Fan Fiction Ideas, Here’s WWE’s Kane And Paige On The Set Of ‘Doctor Who’

WWE is in the middle of its UK tour, and as usual, the wrestlers make it a priority to stop at the big tourist attractions for some good PR. You know the drill, we’ve probably seen a thousand Big Ben and Stonehenge photos at this point. So, when the roster made its way to the Welsh city of Cardiff, someone had the bright idea to shake things up. You know what they film in Cardiff, right? Just one of the most popular television shows of all-time.

Yes, that’s Kane and Paige on the set of Doctor Who, standing right at the controls of the TARDIS. I don’t know which WWE employee made this happen, but they deserve a raise. Allow me to answer your next question: Yes, WWE also posted a Vine of this…

[protected-iframe id=”0e396196ad1817183f6434f5bb12f6d3-60970621-19917426″ info=”” width=”600″ height=”600″ frameborder=”0″]

Kane is wearing the Eleventh Doctor’s fez, the Fourth Doctor’s scarf, and a facial expression that says, “I’m thrilled to be here.” This is just about anything I could ever ask for. Anyone in Stamford who will listen, I’m begging you to put this on the WWE Network. The Doctor somehow regenerates into an extremely disinterested, 7-foot firebender, and his companion is a wonderful British goth who’s barely old enough to drink. I’ll even write the script for free. I mean, it’s not like I’ve ever thought about Paige showing up on Doctor Who before, that would just be obsessive and silly…

[INT. TARDIS; alarm sirens ring]

KANE: Aw geez, what’s going on now?
PAIGE: That’s the collision detection system, we just hit something!
KANE: I bet this never happens to Hunter.
PAIGE: We just took major damage to the hull, didn’t you put the shields up?
KANE: No, after WrestleMania XXX, I made it a point to avoid shields altogether.
PAIGE: [stares blankly]
KANE: … It was a joke.
PAIGE: Yeah, and it was terrible.

[sudden crash; smoke pours in through the TARDIS, as we see the nose of a 1950s-inspired, retrofuturistic spaceship protruding through the wall; the door of the craft opens as a helmeted, vaguely human figure exits; it stands just over 6-feet, and it’s wearing an orange jumpsuit with an American flag patch embroidered on it; the figure slowly reaches up and takes off its helmet…]

JACK SWAGGER OF MARS: Will thomeone tell me what the hell is going on?


Call me, Steven Moffat. Call me, then apologize for what you did to Amy and Rory.