In Case You Missed It, Here’s Buff Bagwell Doing A Freaking Canadian Destroyer

Yes, that Buff Bagwell. The one from the 1990s. The guy from the nWo with the top hat. One of the American Males.

And yes, that Canadian Destroyer. A front flip piledriver.

Buff, in his journey across the nation as both an independent pro wrestler and shoot gigolo, ended up facing “All Ego” Ethan Page during night 2 of Absolute Intense Wrestling’s 2014 JT Lightning Invitational Tournament in Cleveland. I guess Buff took the independent spirit to heart, because dude hit a superkick (a must in modern independent wrestling) (I guess) and popped off one of the most ridiculous, crowd-pleasing moves ever.

Seriously, this doesn’t even need a buffer paragraph. Buff Bagwell doing a Canadian Destroyer. Eat it.