In Case You Missed It, Here’s John Cena Having Sex And Pretending To Be Dolph Ziggler

Remember that epic, heart-wrenching episode of Total Divas when John Cena was in a sex scene and Nikki Bella was all upset? Well, now we have that sex scene. It’s for an Amy Schumer-led movie called Trainwreck. It seems to be about Schumer having sex and it’s a rom-com. Can’t wait. LeBron James is also in it, and the funniest thing about the whole movie is his CGI’d hairline.

But I know what you came to see: John Cena’s vinegar strokes!

I’m still using America Online, so I don’t know how to do GIFs. Instead, here’s a quick photo recap of his appearance:

john cena sex 2

john cena sex 1

Rise above premature ejaculation, kids.