In Case You Missed It, WWE Superstar Seth Rollins Is Banned From A Country Music Festival

It seems like nobody wants WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins around. Not even the Authority, most weeks.

Over the weekend, a photo of prohibited things at New York’s FarmBorough Country Music Festival made the rounds on Twitter. It’s mostly normal — you can’t bring in beer or laser pointers or your pets — but there at the bottom in capital letters reads, “WWE SUPERSTAR SETH ROLLINS.” If Seth Rollins wants to chill out and watch Dierks Bentley, he’s prohibited.

If you’re wondering why the WWE Champ would be banned from a country music festival, hey, so is he. Rollins addressed the photo, noting that he has no idea what FarmBorough is, but that it’s “excellent news.” But Seth, BRAD PAISLEY is there!

Our hope is that the people who run FarmBorough were huge fans of the Shield, and are still emotionally compromised by what’s happened since Rollins attacked his brothers with a chair. “If you wanted to see Luke Bryan, maybe you should’ve thought of that before you gave Dean Ambrose brain damage.”

We should petition Fun Fun Fun Fest and try to get Kane banned.