Daniel Bryan, Ryback And Dolph Ziggler Tried To Break The Curse Of The Intercontinental Championship

If you haven’t been watching it, Table For 3 is the best show on WWE Network. The premise is simple: Three wrestlers eat dinner and talk to each other. It’s a refreshing break from the hyper-scripted, exposition-obsessed conversations you see on most WWE TV shows, and it’s great to just spend an hour listening to personalities you want to like. There’s an episode with The New Day, a great conversation about women’s wrestling with Madusa, Ivory and Molly Holly, and more. Watch it. The most recent episode was an hour of Daniel Bryan and Dolph Ziggler f*cking with The Ryback.

The highlight is a “seance” of positive thought for the Intercontinental Championship. Ryback asks if they think the belt is cursed and they give him sh*t about it, because of course they do, but it’s something we’ve all discussed. If witchcraft exists, then a WWE title belt can be cursed. They try to lift it by holding hands and using the secrets of The Secret. Now I want to see an episode where Kevin Owens talks to any two other WWE Superstars about how much he hates The Secret.

If the Intercontinental Championship finally turns a corner, let’s remember this episode.