The Internet Went Wild With Memes After Brock Lesnar’s UFC Return

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Brock Lesnar made a victorious return to The Octagon at UFC 200 after a five-year sabbatical in the WWE. As maybe the biggest star in either arena, the world tuned in to see what Brock would do, and what they got was a ton of ground and pound, take downs and everything that made Brock a champion and one of the best Heavyweights in the world during his first run with the UFC.

It wasn’t just Brock’s performance that fans online enjoyed though, mostly it was how his victory will affect his standing in the WWE and Vince McMahon’s pockets for the better. If that wasn’t enough fuel for reactions, Brock practically fanned the flames with some commentary on race relations and protecting police in response to all of the shootings around the country this week. In three rounds and with one, short interview the internet exploded to react to Brock, check out some of the best reactions below.