Is Brock Lesnar Keeping The WWE Championship At WrestleMania 31? That Guy On Reddit Says ‘Maybe.’

Here’s the problem we’re facing: We don’t want to report rumors from Reddit user MetsFan4Ever as truefax news, especially not when it comes with a bunch of “this is just one of many plans” disclaimers, but the guy’s broken enough news that when he posts, the internet reports it. That means that if you watch WWE and are on the internet, you’re gonna hear about it and want to talk about it whether you read it here first or not. So, as it were, here’s the accurate news.

According to That Guy, WWE is seriously considering keeping the WWE World Heavyweight Championship on Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 31, and you can thank a combination of positive contract negotiations and negative crowds reactions. Take it away, Zack Ryder (or whomever you secretly are)!

After talking to a few people today at the SmackDown tapings word going around is that Brock Lesnar is very close to agreeing on a new contract with the WWE. With the lack of popularity that Roman Reigns has received as of late, Triple H is pushing Vince on the idea of keeping the WWE Championship on Brock.

This would also have huge ramifications with two of the under card matches on the show.

If Brock retains the title it would in all likelihood mean a continued “special attraction schedule” for him. Triple H as of late has been big on the idea that the I.C. Title and the U.S. Title should mean something again. The plan, if Brock retains is to put the U.S. Title on John Cena and the I.C. Title on Daniel Bryan. The theory would be that two legit Superstars would bring legitimacy to both titles. Also, while Brock is gone both men can main event Raw, Smackdown, PPVs and house shows with those titles on top of the card. Which again, would bring back the legitimacy of both belts.

A lot can change between now and WrestleMania. But this is just one of the many ideas that are being discussed. I have not been told of any other ideas, but if I hear more, I will be sure to pass the information along to this great community.

At this point, these “plans” seem like fantasy booking I’d write in a predictions post. Lesnar retains and re-signs and remains strong? Check. Roman Reigns doesn’t get everything he wants with little-to-no effort because WWE decided it, and crowd reactions be damned? Check. Secondary championships becoming important? Daniel Bryan getting a lengthy title run? All it needs is Lana on a motorcycle waving the American flag and it’s my point-by-point breakdown of how I want WrestleMania to happen.

What do you guys think? Is it a good idea to keep Lesnar as the champion and on a special attraction schedule if his matches are all important and good? Can Roman actually become the next John Cena or the next Rock if he’s allowed to do so at his own pace, and not shoehorned into it out of necessity? How many more Paul Heyman promos can we get out of this?

More importantly, is this just Triple H sitting at a computer working us and giving us false hope so we’ll watch the show?