Twitter Mystery Roundup: What’s Going On With Jack Swagger And Chuck Taylor?

A couple of weird wrestling-related things have popped up on social media lately, have you noticed? Without getting too speculative here, let’s go over the facts. First off, we have the case of Jack Swagger. His presence on WWE television has been pretty low as of late, but there’s certainly more than a few potential explanations for that. Things start to look a little more serious, however, when you consider that sometime in the past two days or so, Swagger appears to have completely deleted his Twitter account. His @RealJackSwagger handle is currently vacant, but it’s probably best to wait for more details before assuming anything about his status with WWE. Zeb Colter, a nation turns its eyes to you for guidance in these uncertain times.

On another front, we have perennial With Spandex favorite Chuck Taylor. As a well-traveled independent star, Taylor is currently a mainstay in promotions like Chikara, Pro Wrestling Guerrilla, and the recently launched Global Force Wrestling. If you don’t remember, we featured the mini-documentary he shot while on Dragon Gate’s tour of China a while back. Now, as a word of caution, Taylor is usually irreverent and sarcastic on Twitter (which is one of the reasons we like him so much). He’s joked about retiring before, but this time is markedly different. Not only has he deleted pretty much all of his tweets, but we also have this to consider.

Much like Swagger’s scenario, let’s not automatically assume this means the worst. Maybe Taylor actually is considering his departure from wrestling, but you also have to remember that several sources reported on his attendance at a WWE tryout last month. As always, waiting for more information is going to be the hardest part. I would recommend going to his YouTube channel and binge-watching all the episodes of The Gentleman’s Club, just in case he decides those are next to come down.