Jack Swagger Will Be Making The Leap To MMA With Bellator

11.13.17 1 year ago

Jack Swagger has been biding his time and not diving in to anything too quickly since he was granted his release from WWE. He recently told us that he was in no rush to sign any long-term contracts or become too ensconced in the independent wrestling scene just yet.

That doesn’t mean he’s not a staunch supporter of alternatives to WWE; in fact, he recently put out a call for fans to stand up to WWE by patronizing the indies. But now we might finally know why Swagger was biding his time, or at least one of the reasons he’s been tied up in outside ventures: Jack Swagger will be an MMA fighter.

The champion amateur wrestler and former WWE World Heavyweight Champion has talked before about the possibility of stepping into the cage, much like CM Punk, Brock Lesnar, Bobby Lashely, and even Batista have done before him. Now it looks like it’s going to become a reality.

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