The Miz Absolutely Roasted James Ellsworth While They Were On A Private Jet

The Miz can really do no wrong right now. He’s in the midst of a WrestleMania feud with John Cena, where he’s spitting hot fire on Smackdown and then tearing Daniel Bryan to shreds on the reg on Talking Smack. Oh, also, he’s better than he’s ever been in the ring, and one of the most dependably entertaining personalities on the WWE roster.

And if you know anything at all about the Miz, you know that he absolutely never, under no circumstances, takes a single instant off. That was delightfully showcased when he recently posted a Facebook video of him just taking James Ellsworth down every peg available while they (and Maryse!) were aboard a private jet. (Said to be Miz’s private jet, but come on. Those Marine movies aren’t making him THAT much money.)

My personal favorite part (other than Ellsworth sitting there and just gleefully taking this abuse the entire time) was him nonchalantly (but humbly!) saying it’s not his first time on a private plane; he was on Vince’s once, too. Miz’s reaction to that is, of course, incredible. But we’re missing the elephant in the room here: what in the world was a private plane flight with Vince McMahon and James Ellsworth like?

I mean, we know what it was like: Vince was on the phone doing business while Ellsworth trembled in the aisle across from him in a wrinkled button-up shirt. But imagine McMahon just mocking his physique the whole time, before asking what department Ellsworth works in.

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