Another Veteran Wrestler Is Taking Offense To The Young Bucks

10.12.17 1 year ago 11 Comments


Pro wrestling is different than it used to be. Certain moves used to be finishers, but now they’re just another move in your average match. And it seems like people just can’t stop talking about how many superkicks they see on the indie scene. Along with moves like DDTs and suicide dives, it seems like you can’t sit through a wrestling show without seeing a half dozen superkicks. Part of it is because a superkick is a move that any wrestler can do no matter how big they are and how big the person receiving the move is. Frankly, it’s an easy move to do and even easier to sell, so that’s why people do it.

When it comes to talking about the frequency of the superkick, two wrestlers come to mind: The Young Bucks, comprised of brothers Matt and Nick Jackson. The brothers have made a name for themselves working for companies like Ring of Honor, New Japan, PWG and others. They are one of the hottest acts in the indy wrestling scene that sell a lot of t-shirts too.

Recently, they received some bad news when WWE sent them a cease and desist letter to stop doing the “Too Sweet” hand gesture. In addition to that, Roman Reigns recently took a shot at The Young Bucks for stealing moves and hand gestures of wrestlers from the past.

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