JBL Flipped Out About Mauro Ranallo Winning ‘Best Television Announcer’

If Jim Ross is the voice of a generation of wrestling fans, JBL is the … drunk uncle? Well, whatever he is, he’s currently one- … fourth? That can’t be right … of the Smackdown Live announce crew. He is the dedicating hollerin’ color commentary to Mauro Ranallo‘s whoopin’ play-by-play. But Ranallo gets all the love from the internet and the WWE Universe about his commentary, while JBL largely gets people crapping on him on Twitter.

During Monday night’s WWE Network panel show Bring It To The Table, host Peter Rosenberg poked the bear when he brought up Ranallo winning the Wrestling Observer’s “Best Television Announcer” award for 2016. The segment was called “Don’t Get Hot,” but JBL got hot IN A FLASH. What followed was an almost-entirely-kayfabe rant, but that didn’t mean there wasn’t a whole lot of JBL speaking his truth in it. (Original video via Reddit.)

I don’t know whether JBL has ever said anything as funny or been more on-point than breaking down Ranallo’s commentary style as “MAMMA MIA! EN FUEGO! OH LOOK, IT’S NICKI MINAJ TAKIN’ HER iPHONE, AND SHE’S GONNA RIDE A DINOSAUR!” It is perfect. I love this JBL. Why can’t we get this JBL all the time?

Rosenberg then further pissed off JBL by bringing up his canceled WWE Network show. Give this panel three more weeks and JBL is absolutely going to clothesline the everliving f*ck out of that dude.