Jeff Hardy Broke His Leg In A Dirt Bike Accident, Which His Brother Caught On Camera

04.29.15 3 years ago 17 Comments

Warning: The above video contains footage of a real injury. Proceed with caution.

Considering what he does for a day job, you’d think Jeff Hardy might want to take it easy on his days off, but you’d be wrong. When Hardy isn’t throwing himself head-first through tables, he’s doing even more dangerous things, like jumping dirt bikes near bonfires.

Unfortunately, Jeff’s dirt bike hobby recently took a bad turn that resulted in a broken leg. Dixie Carter confirmed the injury on Twitter

Dixie also posted a video, as Jeff’s injury was caught on camera. You can check the video out at the top of this post. Don’t worry, it’s shot from a distance and not particularly graphic, but if you don’t like watching things where people get hurt for real, proceed with caution.

Recently, Jeff reformed the Hardy Boyz with his brother and won the TNA Tag Team belts just over a month ago. So far, there’s no word on the severity of Jeff’s injury or when he’ll be back on TV hurting himself in a somewhat more controlled environment.

via Wrestling Inc.

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