Jeff Hardy Knows Exactly How He Wants His Wrestling Career To End

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07.26.16 10 Comments


Since 2010, former WWE Champion Jeff Hardy has made a home for himself over at TNA. He’s been in headlines recently for being part of the thoroughly baffling and wonderful “Final Deletion” uh … thing … that boosted TNA’s ratings, but he’s also been rumored as being part of a group of veterans that WWE is trying to bring back to shore up their rosters now that they’ve returned to Raw and Smackdown being separate brands.

Well, Hardy is still under TNA contract until February 2017, but he has made no secret about wanting to return to WWE for one last run before he hangs up his boots. He’s even said that he’d love for his last match to be a Hell in a Cell bout at WrestleMania. In a new interview with LA Weekly (conducted at the Gathering of the Juggalos!), Hardy elaborated on that dream. He even has his opponent and the finish completely planned out.

“Man, I want to Swanton off the top of the cell, onto the commentary table,” says Hardy, who says he wants to end his career in a match with the Undertaker, at WrestleMania, in a “Hell in the Cell” match. “Then, I want to climb the cell, cut the f*cking cage, when ‘Taker’s back in the ring, and Swanton though the cage, miss, and then Tombstone 1-2-3.”

So there you have it: it isn’t just us wrestling fans who sit around and fantasy book and dream about cool spots. The wrestlers themselves do it just as much as we do! Jeff also explained that if one last WWE run never pans out, he’s perfectly content doing bizarro gothic whatever-the-hell with his brother, and he’s not interested in working a full-time schedule at this point.

“Matt and I are doing some great stuff in TNA right now, so I’ll be happy to stay here until the end if that’s how it works out.”

There’s a lot of good stuff in the interview, so head on over to LA Weekly to check it out.

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