Jeff Jarrett Says It Has Been ‘Proven Over History’ That Intergender Matches Don’t Work

It’s likely that we’re about to start hearing a lot more from Jeff Jarrett in the coming months. The co-founder of TNA is now once again back with Impact Wrestling after a major changing of the guard, and he’s expected to have a very big hand in the direction of the company going forward.

Last week, Jarrett made the media rounds over in the U.K., where he and other Impact Wrestling representatives are trying to make in-roads for new television deals. He spoke with Real Sport about a bevy of topics, and they asked him his thoughts about intergender wrestling, since it tends to be a hot-button topic among wrestling fans at times, and arguably his most famous Attitude Era feud was against Chyna just before he departed for WCW.

“Obviously in that time, it was the right time. I think as a constant, it doesn’t work, and it hasn’t worked. That’s been proven over history. But in the right time, in the right circumstance, with the right talent, and in that era, Chyna was one of those characters. She was one of the real personalities that defined the Attitude Era. Stone Cold, Rock, DX -– when you think of DX, I immediately think of Road Dogg, his persona just oozed that attitude, and then you look at Chyna. She was the ninth wonder of the world, and everything that went with that. The timing and the situations that we were put together, eighteen years later we’re still talking about it, so something was done right.”

It’s sort of a delicate balancing act to say that intergender matches have been “proven over history” to not hold up, yet in the same paragraph say that people are still talking about your intergender match 18 years later. I get what he’s saying: there have to be special circumstances and performers, and once in a blue moon it can work. I certainly don’t agree with that, but I get what he’s saying.