Jennifer Tilly Thinks Chyna Should Be In The WWE Hall Of Fame. Yes, Jennifer Tilly.

Actress Jennifer Tilly is endorsing Chyna for the WWE Hall of Fame, in a sentence I never knew I’d type.

You may know Tilly from such films as Bound, Bride of Chucky and Bullets Over Broadway, which earned her an Academy Award nomination. You may also know her as Bonnie Swanson from Family Guy. She was nominated for a CableAce Award, but that was unrelated. She can’t believe Chyna isn’t already in the Hall of Fame (come on, right?), and this is absolutely not a situation where Chyna briefly befriended someone at Wizard World and convinced them to film 16 seconds of footage for her YouTube Channel.

If you haven’t been following Chyna’s career lately, she’s been keeping busy. She’s posting YouTube videos begging for a meeting with WWE, posting YouTube videos of WWE not answering her calls and has spent most of the past month and a half fighting rumors that she bum-rushed Triple H at Rowdy Roddy Piper’s funeral.

We don’t know if things will ever be good enough for her to get into the Hall, but WWE’s erasing Hall of Famers left and right, so who knows? At least now she has the crucial vote of “teen boys who went to video stores in the ’90s.”