Hulk Hogan Taught Jerry Lawler How To Shave His Body

12.07.17 3 months ago 3 Comments


Jerry “The King” Lawler was removed from most WWE programming about a year ago, but he’s back on our minds today for what he does to his body. The King was a recent guest on The Ross Report, where the Hall of Famer discussed the menu for his Memphis-based bar and grill.

Jim Ross wanted to know why the menu had so many photographs of Lawler looking sweaty and gross, which, IMHO, is a great question. Jerry sort of sidestepped the question, but he did launch into a mini-soliloquy about how he evolved from hairy Memphis god to perfectly smooth announcer. (Thanks to Wrestling Inc. for the transcript.)

“I was never into ‘manscaping’, or even worry about grooming your chest hairs, or shaving your back, or anything, or even shaving under your arms, or anything like that until, and it’s so funny, until I got around Hulk Hogan.”

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