Jerry Lawler Says Smackdown May Be Going Live When It Moves To USA Network Next Year

Oh, Smackdown, will you ever change? As the With Spandex staffer blessed with the gift of having to watch Smackdown every week, I’ve been taken in by my share of “Smackdown is going to be important again! We swear!” stories. So far, none of them have really panned out.

But this coming new year, Smackdown is totally rising back to a place of relevance like a shiny blue phoenix! For reals this time. Starting in early 2016 Smackdown will be returning to the USA Network, and word is WWE will try to build up the show with bigger stars and more important angles. And it goes further; in a recent interview, Jerry Lawler said that Smackdown may go live once it moves to USA.

“There’s going to be a lot of stuff happening on Smackdown. It’s coming back on USA. There’s a very good possibility that in the near future, Smackdown may be live.”

If Smackdown does go live, that probably means it will no longer air on Thursdays, as filming live on Thursday would require a total reshuffling of WWE’s usual weekly house show and taping schedule. In an earlier interview, Lawler said Smackdown may go live on Fridays, which may literally make my head explode. The other option would be Smackdown going live on Tuesdays, which is when the show is traditionally taped, although that would put WWE’s two major shows on back-to-back nights. Hopefully they find a way to go live on Thursdays, because that’s always going to be the best night for the show.

Any lapsed Smackdown watchers out there? Would you return to the fold if Smackdown did this thing right and went live?

(Via SB Nation)

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