Jey Uso Suffered An Injury At WrestleMania 31 And Could Miss The Next Six Months

According to, Jey Uso has undergone surgery for injuries sustained during the WrestleMania 31 kickoff.

“At WrestleMania, Jey suffered an anterior shoulder dislocation on the left arm, which was later evaluated back in Florida,” said WWE physician Dr. Stephen Daquino, who also confirmed that Jey underwent surgery last week to tighten his rotator cuff and shoulder capsule to repair the injury, which had been aggravating him leading into WrestleMania.

Dr. Daquino has estimated his return at “about six months.” Due to this recovery time, The Usos have been removed from the upcoming Fatal 4-Way Tag Team Championship Match.

With one Uso out, and the other left to kind of drift in a sea of neon facepaint and solo match awkwardness, it’s time for Naomi to shine up her flying butt attack and back on up into the spotlight.