Jim Cornette Threatened Legal Action When An Indie Wrestler Put Him On A Shirt

Another day on the wrestling internet, another fight between Jim Cornette and some indie wrestler that he thinks is ruining the business. Most recently, Cornette has been feuding with G-Raver, who you may remember from almost dying in a ladder match spot a couple of weeks ago. Most of us watch a clip like that, say “Damn,” and then move on with our lives, but of course Cornette had to tweet about how G-Raver was an idiot and should have bled to death in front of the crowd:

G-Raver, clearly not being a fan of subtlety and restraint, promised to spit in Cornette’s mouth at a convention.

Then Jim Cornette started attacking G-Raver for crowdfunding his medical expenses, which is fun and cool.

At that point, G-Raver revealed a new T-shirt design, seen here in a tweet from the artist who created it:

At this point, Cornette tagged in his lawyer, taking things to the next level.

The attorney in question, Stephen New, quickly spelled out exactly what the problem is, and you have to admit, he’s not wrong.

Once that happened the T-shirt, which had been up for sale on The Indy Connection, vanished pretty quickly.

And that’s the story of how Jim Cornette’s bloody face ended up on an an indie wrestling T-shirt, and how quickly it got taken off. Cornette and New were certainly right about G-Raver and Nuclear Heat Graphics having no right to sell such a shirt, but on the other hand Jim Cornette could just stop attacking indie wrestlers and calling them names all the time, and then stuff like this wouldn’t happen in the first place.