Jim Ross Thinks Ronda Rousey Signing With WWE Is ‘Inevitable’

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As far as non-current WWE superstars go, there’s no name that pops up in rumors about a potential future with the company than Ronda Rousey.

Ever since her surprise appearance with The Rock at Wrestlemania 31, everyone from Roman Reigns to Stephanie McMahon has given their thoughts about Rousey possibly coming to WWE, and the consensus is that she would be great in the WWE ring if she ever wanted to join full-time. And now that she’s been spotted at the Mae Young Classic, the rumors are flying as fast as they ever have.

Few people know WWE better than legendary commentator Jim Ross, and while the Hall of Famer is no longer a regular on commentary, his voice still carries plenty of weight with wrestling fans. Ross was recently asked by TMZ Sports his thoughts on how Rousey would do as a WWE Superstar and he not only said he thought she’d be great, but thinks — like the exact inverse of his thoughts on the Brock Lesnar situation — it’s inevitable that she will join WWE.

“She’s going to be a big star,” Ross said. “Somewhere it’s inevitable. I see her in a WrestleMania someday. Too great an opportunity for her to pass up and WWE to pass up. It’s a match made in heaven.”

Ross’ comments echo pretty much what most assume about the Rousey situation. Her love of wrestling is well known, as is WWE’s interest in bringing her in. It figures to be a matter of WWE making her the offer she wants. Money will certainly be a deciding factor, but as big could be the time commitment WWE wants from her. If Rousey could get something akin to the Brock Lesnar package, calling for less week-to-week travel, that might be something more palatable than being a full-time superstar with the crazy weekly travel grind that most on the roster deal with.