Jim Ross Thinks TNA Can Only Be Fixed If It Starts Over From Scratch

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10.31.16 5 Comments

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The TNA sale might very well get resolved this week, as the lawsuit between Billy Corgan and Dixie Carter is expected to be ruled upon Monday. But there’s a very good chance that the weird, kinda-sad saga of Impact Wrestling will continue to plug along.

In his latest blog post on JR’s BBQ, Hall of Fame announcer Jim Ross (who has always had a great mind for the business) opines on the state of TNA and whether it can be salvaged in its current form.

The big question looms and that is, “Can TNA be fixed?”

The answer to that question is, “absolutely” but only if the brand is blown up, restarted, renamed, and by finding a more viable TV network/partner on which to air their show. Then TNA, or its successor, needs a small, tight knit, agenda-less team to plan long term, present a reality based, athletic product featuring as many qualified, younger and fresher talents as they can afford. The way this brand has been devalued and abused is regrettable which may be the understatement of the year.

Make no mistake about it, TNA, under a new name and a fresh management approach, can regain some level of footing within the marketplace but new management, if that’s the case, must have a realistic plan and the funds to reach their goals which will only come in time.

There’s absolutely no question that Impact Wrestling has a whole bunch of talent under their banner, especially right now. The problems with TNA have never once been with their roster, just with how they’ve been run. Given everything that has gone on behind the scenes and in public over the past years, it’s time for there to be a hard reboot and rebranding like Ross is describing.

And if the company manages to sell or be transitioned to a new owner or controlling group, that’s the most likely scenario we’re looking at. Let’s hope it happens soon, so the wrestlers under contract don’t have to be jerked around any more.

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