Jimmy Jacobs Is Reportedly Gone From WWE For A Not Very Sweet Reason

It looks like Neville might not be the only unexpected departure from WWE this week. Per un informe exclusivo from Pro Wrestling Sheet, backstage producer and former Ring of Honor star Jimmy Jacobs has reportedly parted ways with WWE, and the reason couldn’t be more ridiculous.

We are told, however, that there was major heat on Jimmy for posting an Instagram picture of himself meeting with [Bullet Club] while they filmed Being the Elite last month (seen below).

If you missed it, the Bullet Club “pulled a D-Generation X” and invaded (the parking lot during an episode of) WWE’s Monday Night Raw. Jacobs, who knows a lot of them personally, took a selfie with them and posted it online. Here’s the pic:

No confirmation on whether Jacobs quit or was released, but maybe this’ll get him a spot in the New Japan Rumble at Wrestle Kingdom. WWE hasn’t been very friendly to the Biz Cliz, reportedly sending the group a cease and desist for using the signature Kliq/New World Order “too sweet” hand gesture.

Jacobs, a near 20-year veteran who has won championships all across the country including 5 runs as Ring of Honor Tag Team Champion, joined WWE creative team as a writer in March of 2015. We wish him the best in his future endeavors, as long as it doesn’t involve him pulling a long needle out of his boot and trying to stab someone to death with it.

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