Jimmy Jacobs Spoke Out For The First Time About His WWE Release

10.19.17 5 months ago 7 Comments


The WWE release of Jimmy Jacobs was one of the most bizarre stories in a long time. Jacobs was a part of WWE’s creative team for the past two years after wrestling mainly for Ring of Honor prior to that. News of the release happened last week and the cause of it was that Jacobs posted a photo on Instagram and Twitter with Ring of Honor’s Bullet Club members outside of a WWE Raw show in Ontario, California. In case you missed it, you can see the photo below.

It was a surprising move that left a lot of fans angry because it seems like such a minor thing and not something that a guy should be fired over. Since then, Jacobs has been selling his “Unprofessional” shirts on Twitter and was at a Ring of Honor show on the weekend. Chris Jericho, who worked closely with Jacobs and praised him for coming up with “The List” among other things, chimed in saying he can understand why WWE felt like Jacobs screwed up.

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