Jimmy Kimmel Pits The Rock Against Donald Trump In A WWE Version Of Election 2020

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05.18.17 2 Comments

You better believe The Rock is talking about running for president. He’s talked about his interests many times in the past, with the most recent rumblings showing the former wrestler turned action star beating Donald Trump if he were to run in 2020. If it’s a real possibility as most of these stories seem to think, Jimmy Kimmel is here to show you how it might look.

While outlining all the reasons The Rock could be the perfect president, Kimmel shares a promo for the main event matchup with Trump that turns the 2020 election into Wrestlemania. Forget Survivor Series that year, the real showdown is happening earlier in the month. It’d be a far better time if they could hold the campaign in a wrestling ring. While democracy would be tarnished and left in the gutter, America would be immensely entertained. It’s also the only way to top the hijinks and coverage of the 2016 election.

Just admit to yourself that if Jeb Bush could’ve run into a debate with a chair and threatened Trump, he’d likely be president right about now. And while there’s no way for Trump to beat The Rock in the ring legitimately, he could pull some Four Horseman junk with Steve Bannon and Mike Pence. Toss salt in The Rock’s eyes and attempt to steal the election using a dirty pin. We could seriously fantasy book this entire thing, don’t tempt us.

(Via Jimmy Kimmel Live)

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