The Canadian Government Put Some Things On Hold To Talk About Jinder Mahal

Everyone is very excited about Jinder Mahal winning the WWE Championship. Everyone. It’s a strange and wondrous new status quo, and it even required a middle-of-the-show celebration on Tuesday’s Smackdown Live. India is super duper excited about the Maharaja winning the championship in the name of the country, and now his home country of Canada is getting in on the action.

During a meeting of the Legislative Assembly of Alberta this week, Member of the Legislative Assembly Graham Sucha tabled some business in order to very Canadian-ly congratulate Jinder on his big win, especially seeing as how Mahal is the first person from Alberta to hold a WWE world championship since Bret Hart (!) last held the belt 20 years ago.

Please enjoy Canadian politics being put on hold to talk about the non-hindrance of Jinder. Make sure to stick around for the apathetic table-slapping at the end.

Big ups to Sucha for knowing that it’s always a better idea to hang on a second before talking about politics to nerd out over wrestling.

And yeah, in case you weren’t aware (we know you’re aware), Mahal was born in 1986 (!) in Calgary, and graduated from the University of Calgary, so we know this acknowledgement in Assembly will make that Alberta boy proud. To say nothing of his parents!