Jinder Mahal Says He Has Put On 20 Pounds Of Muscle To Prepare For Brock Lesnar

We know you’ve all been writing letters to your past selves, trying to explain about how Jinder Mahal is a super-long-reigning (by modern standards) WWE Champion, and how he’s going to have a top champion vs. top champion match against Brock Lesnar to “headline” Survivor Series this year. Don’t worry, your past self’s head exploded, meaning current you doesn’t exist in this timeline anyway. Everything worked out!

Anyway, yes, Lesnar vs. Mahal is still planned to happen, provided Mahal doesn’t lose the title to AJ Styles on Tuesday. (Or heck, perhaps even if he does.) In fact, reports indicate that the one and only John Cena is even going to be the guest referee for that bout. It’s all happening, and you’re lucky enough to be here to watch it.

Everyone who’s aware of the Mahal title reign is also aware that the dude has spectacularly transformed himself over the past year or so, and while many scoff at his physique, or wonder where it might have come from, Mahal has done everything in his power to silence the haters. And the insane thing is, he might be getting even more jacked. Pray for all other pretend modern day Maharajae.

Yes, although Mahal hasn’t been appearing out of a suit as of late over on Smackdown, he claims that he’s training EXTRA hard for the Lesnar match, and that he has somehow added an additional 20 POUNDS OF MUSCLE for the occasion. The mind reels. Mahal elaborated during a podcast appearance for Wrestling News Source.

“A lot of [my preparation] is physical because Brock is such a physical opponent. His hard-hitting style, his suplexes. He’s going to try and take me to suplex city. So definitely my conditioning. I’m going to be going into this match in the best possible shape of my life. Training very hard, dieting very hard.

“I’ve actually put on 20 pounds of muscle. I know it’s going to be a tough match and I’m going to be as heavy as possible so he can’t suplex me and toss me around. But like I said earlier, he’s underestimating me and I’m going to shock him and surprise him with my strength, my speed, my power and I’m going to have the Singh brothers with me, my advocates. So it’s going to be great.”

This is honestly terrifying to consider. By Royal Rumble time, Mahal is liable to look like Tetsuo at the end of Akira. Stay clear of those flesh folds, Singh Brothers. They can be deadly.